February 2011

San Francisco Photography Class

Been busy traveling Hong Kong , Japan, Vegas in Jan and Feb, finally finalized the upcoming Introduction to digital photography 1 day intensive class for beginner schedule , 3/27 Sunday !!!

The class format is the same as before , morning lecture at my new studio in South San Francisco and afternoon outdoor practice . The class begins at 9:30am and finish at 4:30pm. email me quick to sign up chung@chungliphotography.com

I always accept students from my interest list first and this class is currently half full already, act quick !!!!

Here is what we will cover !

1) Introduction to DSLR camera

2) Aperture/ Shutter/ ISO concept and control

3) Concept of depth of field

3) White Balance

4) Usage of different lens

5) How to choose a camera that fits your need

6) Get to know more of your current equipment

7) Basic photo retouching concept

8) Hands on outdoor practice !!!

email me to signup : chung@chungliphotography.com


I will be attending the WPPI 2011 ( Wedding and Portrait Photographer International ) convention from 2/19 to 2/24 in Las Vegas. Limited Email and Phone connection. So excited to see and meet photographers all over the world !!!!

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